It is our privilege to work with some amazing non-profits supporting their vision and values. Many of our projects involve taking that traditional classroom training and converting it to an online or blended course. The obvious concern here is that this training will lose the passion of the mission and the energy of the classroom model. We understand. We often use the analogy of a baby and we promise to take excellent care of your baby. Many times this involves one of our team members sitting through all of your existing classroom training and wow, we count that as a huge privilege!


While comparing classroom training models to an online model is like comparing apples to oranges, we can guarantee you’ll be surprised and excited about what does happen in a collaborative-rich online environment. When training participants have the opportunity to mull over ideas, dig deep throughout a week and engage their peers online, a richer experience occurs that extends the learning long beyond the 2 days they may have sat in training.



    • Assess


    • Design


    • Deploy


    • Mobile


    • Blended

    • Examine current learning environment and measure learning effectiveness


    • Deliver instruction and evaluate results


    • Ensures learning success and extend/enlarge current learning

    • Traditional classroom training converted to online or blended learning


    • Creating a scalable model that is cost-effective without losing the energy of the classroom


    • Extend the effectiveness beyond the classroom model

    • Fresh ideas and delivery models



    • Experience in blended design



    • Proven expertise (50+courses a year)


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