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One thing we’ve discovered at Inno-Versity is that some instructional design companies can often be viewed as re-active.  Clients come to them and they make what the client needs.  But if you’ve spent any time with us at Inno-Versity, you know we are different.  A very large part of what we do begins long, long before the creation of content.  Increasingly we also find that it involves far more than what is traditionally considered instructional design. Let us introduce you to our Essential Elements of Excellence.  Each one is critical to creating your learning solution and it’s what makes us experts in learning.

  • - Review Of Learning Programs
    - Culture Of Learning
    - Implementation, Evaluation and Revision Cycles
    - Other Learning Supports

  • - Learning Research
    - Adult Learning Theory
    - Needs Assessment
    - Delivery Mode

  • - Company Values
    - Internal Branding and Messaging
    - Internal Marketing

  • - Planning
    - Scheduling
    - Cost Analysis
    - Evaluation

  • - Creativity and Innovation
    - Story-Telling
    - Style, Color and Art



What does the culture of learning look like at your company? Is that something that’s even been considered or is training purely reactive, implemented because of a crisis or problem? In order to create a culture of learning, several important things must happen. Learning must be integrated into your development plan. To roll out a successful learning program, take the time to make a great first impression. Create good internal marketing that builds excitement. Tend to the tiniest of details such as room set up or directions on how to access the LMS. And don’t forget that employees should be recognized for the new knowledge or skills they’ve mastered. Seeking regular feedback on the actual instructional materials and developing a revision process that is formalized are also key. Great learning can become stale quickly but with good feedback and some simple changes it can stay relevant for a long time. Beyond thinking about one topic or program, think through what other learning supports are provided by your company and how knowledge sharing is encouraged and supported.

Most companies spend large budgets to market their products to the customer with just the right message and clear brand standards. How much time and energy is spent creating learning materials that that make employees feel valued in the same way? Ultimately company values drive learning opportunities so those should be clearly conveyed in these sessions. There are multiple ways to market these opportunities to employees that build excitement and create a sense of ownership in their learning opportunities. Just ask us, we’ve got some fun ideas! And while not all materials need to convey the company brand, this should be considered and a standard developed for what messaging to employees will look and feel like. Finally, a communication plan should be developed so it’s clear to participants the path for enrollment, participation and evaluation.

One of the interesting things about instructional design is that large pieces of it are dependent on the client. Here at IV we combine our expertise in training with the knowledge of your top subject-matter experts from your company. Team projects can get bogged down if proper planning is not put into place. At IV we have a created a clear process that starts with a new project checklist built around the five elements discussed here, includes multiple sign-offs at various stages of the process, as well as timelines and checklists for those subject-matter experts. We work hard to earn their trust and therefore the right to press for content when needed to keep projects on time and budget. We use multiple project management and communication systems to make sure this occurs.

Great content presented poorly will have minimal impact on performance. Even worse, bad instruction will turn participants off to any similar future attempts. We want your content to be memorable, engaging and practical, presented in a way that is immediately useful, and this only happens with good design. Design is more than icing on the cake. It affects our ability to learn and apply what is presented. We all know that a good story will grab our attention and stay with us whereas a list of facts is immediately forgotten. Here at IV, our creative team works with a big box of crayons: from custom-made graphics to eye-catching animations, we make your content come alive.

Learning begins with a deficit. Someone needs to know, do or believe something. In order to create good material, we look closely at each of these elements: who is the learner, what is their need, how do we best fill that gap and to what level do we want to see change? Hopefully the learning is proactive, looking to prevent a problem before it is already embedded, but regardless, we meet you where you’re at, recognizing that the best instruction is custom-made for learners and their environment. Years of research in theory and how adults learn confirm the strategies and techniques we use every day. The IV team has a strong background in education and frankly, it shows in our work.


Perhaps these topics are all new to you or need to be re-examined.  We can help you examine your company learning structure from top to bottom.

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