Meeting the bottom line and developing a well-developed workforce are not mutually exclusive concepts. At Inno-Versity, we believe our high-quality, well-designed learning materials will help you meet both goals faster. You’ll be glad you invested in  as you see your employees becoming increasingly skillful, productive, and loyal to your organization.


Drawing on our background in education and adult learning theory, we craft creative and engaging learning materials specific to your organization’s needs. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, our courses may be classroom-based, blended, or totally online—but always the right fit for your unique situation. We will work closely with your team to determine what type of delivery will best serve your content and audience.



    • Assess


    • Design


    • Deploy


    • Mobile


    • Blended

    • Examine current learning environment and measure learning effectiveness


    • Deliver instruction and evaluate results


    • Ensures learning success and extend/enlarge current learning

    • Traditional classroom training converted to online or blended learning


    • Creating a scalable model that is cost-effective without losing the energy of the classroom


    • Extend the effectiveness beyond the classroom model

    • Fresh ideas and delivery models



    • Experience in blended design



    • Proven expertise (50+courses a year)


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